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How I Found the Perfect Skincare For My Oily Skin!


Having oily AND sensitive skin at the same time is most horrible combination. To combat the acne caused by oil you need to use less than sensitive skincare products but then your sensitive skin won’t allow for it and just dries up and fights you back! How annoying! The trick? A combination of tools and ingredients that has taken me years to figure out!

For you to get a better idea of the troubles I was facing, let me go into a little detail of how my skin actually behaves. I have a VERY (i mean VERYYY) oily T-zone.  On a typical day, If I don’t wash my face and just splash with the next morning, I will have little bumps of clogged pores on my nose and a forehead so shiny, you can see yourself on it.  Although my T-zone is super oily, I don’t have combination skin. It’s just less oily in some areas than others..but still oily (ha-ha). So how do you scare for oily skin but still manage not to dry out your face and actually be able to smile without feeling the tightness pull at you? With the following routine below!

Step number 1:

Face Wash- You need to use a gentle face wash for all over your face . Period. No compromises. All those bottles of face-wash you have at home with beads, rice, crushed almonds, benzyl peroxide, fancy vitamins, flecks of gold…whatever you have that’s not simple face-wash, throw it out!  Don’t be fooled by fancy ingredients in your soap that promise to fight wrinkles, deliver vitamins, protect your face, etc. because it’s not physically possible for them to do anything because they aren’t on your face long enough. You spend roughly 30-60 seconds scrubbing your face and then rinsing your skin and when you rinse, all those fancy ingredients go down the tube and so does your cash!

The perfect face-wash? Olay Foaming Face Wash

Why is it so perfect you ask? Well, it does what it’s supposed to cleans your face. Plain and simple. It doesn’t dry your face out and it foams rather easily. (And it’s cheap $4.99).  You can also use Cetaphil, but it doesn’t lather very well and regardless of what they need your face soap to lather. If you are a girl, all that makeup and mascara needs some lather..otherwise the damage you’re doing pulling at your skin with a soap that won’t foam is no good.

So now that your face is all cleansed, if you have oily skin …you still feel bumps on your nose and overall your skin just feels rough. Welcome to Oily Skin Hell. No matter how much you wash, nothing replaces some good old scrubbing! So what I do every other day (yes..every other day, doctors tell you once or twice a week..HA! must be talking about normal behaving skin..not mine!) I take the above face soap and put it on a face brush. These things are the most amazing thing ever! Clarisonic? Pfftttt just use a face brush! I got mine from Sephora for $5.00 and it works wonderfully. Look for this next time you go:

Another reason why you need your face soap to foam makes the bristles on the above brush softer to work with! So I just pump some Olay face soap on the head of the brush…run it under the sink for a second and start brushing my face in soft circular motions focusing on my forehead and cheeks and nose. After rinsing (and this is the beauty of having oily skin *sarcasm* can feel your face softer but your nose is stillllll slightly bumpy! Those clogged pores full of sebum need a little bit more than manual scrubbing to come out).  What do you use now? The two things below!


A face scrublet..aren’t they awesome

You can buy yours separately online but I got mine from the L’oreal Go 360 Clean (The scrub was crap..but not the scrublet heheh) that looks like this:

The wonderful thing about the scrub let is that it is rubber and folds to the natural folds of your nose and you can really use it as an extension of your own hand when cleaning your face. Because the bristles on the scrublet are SO soft, don’t count on it do any major scrubbing (that’s what your sephora brush is for) but they are soft enough to work the soap onto the pores of your nose. You need a special face-wash for your nose because if your nose is anything like gets extremely clogged up because it’s one of the oiliest areas.


To really break down the sebum and restore a smooth softness to your need a salicylic face soap. It doesn’t really matter how harsh it is honestly because most likely, like my nose..your nose can handle it too.  At first you might experience some dryness around your nose (barelyy..and probably on the folds of your nose) but this goes away and trust me, the dedication will pay off!

My favorite face-wash for this? This baby…

Now I would be lying if I didn’t mention that I often opt for the cheaper copy of this face-wash that CVS makes for $1.75. It works just the same.  Now a warning: DO NOT USE THIS FOR YOUR ENTIRE FACE! You will regret it……it is extremelyyyy harsh and will cause redness and tightness (I learned that the hard way). Why would I recommend such a harsh product?  Because your nose needs this ingredient to break down the sebum that is almost permanently stuck in the pores of your nose! Don’t be scared, just put a pump of it on your scrublet and start scrubbing your nose (and even your forehead if your skin can handle forehead is extremely oily so this doesn’t pose a problem). After you rinse your skin, I promise you your nose will feel the softest it has ever felt in a long time and those black dots on your nose will start to disappear..for good! Remember though that you’re only doing this every other might seem like a lot of scrubbing but with oily skin..every other day is about the time that your skin takes to collect sebum in the pores and you start to get that rough feeling to the skin.

Step number 2:

After you are done with the above steps, you will need a moisturizer. You’ve probably heard that if you have oily don’t need a moisturizer. I don’t recommend this for two reasons. The first being that if your skin is oily AND sensitive as mine is..after you wash your face…you will need a moisturizer to keep your skin from drying out after you have rinsed your face. That’s not to say that the above routine will dry your face won’t. But you have just washed the oil from your skin and you need a barrier of protection for the first 15-20 minutes while your skin restores the oil it lost. The beauty of this is that it won’t overcompensate in oil because you have put moisturizer on. You ever notice how your skin can sometimes be so dry and tight but shiny? That’s because it IS possible for skin to be oily and dry at the same time. So putting on moisturizer is important after you have just washed your face, especially for that brief 20 minutes where your skin has just been freshly washed. The second reason you need a moisturizer even if you have oily skin is that your skin needs both oil AND water. Your skin is made up of alternating layers of oil and water, if you are lacking in either have to use a moisturizer to compensate for it. Maybe you don’t need to moisturize AS OFTEN as someone with dry skin, but you definitely should moisturize!

My favorite moisturizer is this one:

This keeps my skin soft but also has made it more even. I’ve noticed with some other moisturizers like Olay Complete, it doesn’t moisturizer as much…is much lighter and my skin gets oilier faster. Olay Total Effects is a bit on the pricey side ($20.00+) but it’s worth it. It has even plumped up the baby lines on the sides of my eyes which I suspect were from dehydration.

So the general routine for me goes like this:

Every morning I wash my face with Olay Foaming facewash (and Sephora brush..remember alternate between brush and no brush every other day). Then I put a pump of the Salicylic Grapefruit face soap from either Neutrogena or CVS on my scrublet and scrub my nose (and forehead if I need).  The scrublet and Salicylic Grapefruit face soap as I mentioned earlier is used every other day, along with the Sephora brush.  I moisturize with Olay Total Effects.

Then at night when I come home, I just use two pumps of olay on my hands to wash my face. I moisturize again and that’s it!

I hope this helped any of you suffering with oily skin. Overall, I have MUCH less breakouts and much more even skin. I suspect a lot of why us with oily skin break out so often is because of the combination of oil and dead skin. A lot of what this routine does is eliminates the dead skin but not in a harsh way, allowing the oil to flow freely through the pores and doesn’t block them. Because the oil isn’t trapped under layers of dead skin, it also feels smoother. It works for me and I hope it works for you!


3 comments on “How I Found the Perfect Skincare For My Oily Skin!

  1. Must Have Boxes
    March 8, 2013

    I love all of these products that you recommended. Neutrogena makes great skincare products for sensitive skin.

    – KW

  2. SJ
    November 19, 2014

    I absolutely love your makeup tutorials! Please don’t abandon the site!

  3. SJ
    January 3, 2015

    Could you do a tutorial on Jennifer Lopez, and another one on Angelina Jolie?

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