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I Love Lucy Makeup

i love lucy

Quite pretty makeup right?!?

Lucy’s makeup is very classic and simple to do. The focus is on very round highly arched eyebrows, very long full eyelashes, and a very rounded upper bow-shaped lip in bright red.

First Step: Eyebrows

I like to show things in geometric shapes because I think it gives you a picture to keep in min as to what you should be trying to aim for. Of course these are exaggerated shapes but they’re only meant to help you keep a shape, pattern, or form in mind.

When forming the shape of your eyebrows after Lucy’s, keep in mind a half circle shape.  They’re drawn in very high and rounded to LIFT the eye up.  The eyebrows start out slightly thicker and get thinner towards the end BUT only ever so slightly. You’d be closer to the original look if you kept the same width all the way across.

This next step is about where the eyebrow STARTS (I guess you should start with this before drawing in the step above ha-ha).

Lucy didn’t start her eyebrows where the tear duct is or even slightly before it…which is where the natural eyebrow should start. Instead, she started them past the tear duct…leaving a wide space in between her eyebrows. Although I wouldn’t recommend this look for modern day makeup…in order to stay true to Lucy’s makeup..I thought I should point it out anyway.  This space is depicted by the red lines below.

Colors: Anything from a brown or  light brown to a  reddish brown color.


Second step:  Eyes


Lucy’s eyes are drawn to be very rounded and wide. In the above picture, I’ve outlined the different colored eyeliner to create this look.

Easy thing about Lucy’s eye makeup…..there’s no fancy eyeshadowing or contouring, just a bare lid! So take any neutral color and sweep it across your eyelid.

In the waterline, draw a white line with a white creamy pencil. Also a bit in the inner corner of the upper lid. You want the inner corners to be very bright…not lining this part in makes your eye seem even wider, helping to achieve Lucy’s look.

Then take a brown eyeliner (or black if you prefer) and draw a thicker line on the upper lid NOT extending it past the outer corner of the eye to maintain that circle shape.

Take a lighter brown (or just don’t press as hard ha-ha) to draw a thinner line slightly outside the white waterline, keeping in mid a half circle shape.

Then take a pair of LONG false eyelashes. Make sure that the length of the lashes is equal all the way across so it does not elongate your eyes but rather makes them wider, with extremely long eyelashes. Glue these babies on and you’ve got Lucy’s eyes!

Third Step: Lips

When doing the upper lip to obtain Lucy’s look…think FULL BOW. You can choose any red lip color you like..from a dark red to a classic bright red.

You are aiming for TWO half circles on the upper lid and one half circle on the lower lip:


As you can see I like to show things in geometric shapes because I think if you know the shape you’re aiming for..your hands will naturally follow the lines you need to complete the look. I love lucy’s makeup, and I love Lucy! Have fun with this look!


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