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5 Holiday Outfits for Any Occasion


Up here in the north east in can get pretty cold, in fact freezing! I wanted to incorporate this thick turtleneck sweater for some much needed warmth. But it’s thin enough that you can add a belt (a little reminiscent of Santa hehe) to give your body a nice curve. For jewelry, very sparkly angled jewerly to remind us of beautiful snowflakes during the wintery holidays. And I think a holiday outfit definitely needs some glitter so the shoes had to be glittery…because after all, the holidays are a perfect time to get away with some (or in my case, a lot ha-ha) ..of glitter.  Overall, the color scheme is inspired by snow…so you can feel like a pretty, snowy ice goddess! ; )


The vision I had in mind for this outfit was definitely a fancy holiday dinner party. A curve hugging dress with some red ruby earrings and green shoes and accessory. The color combination is inspired by mistletoe…hope you will get kissed under some this holiday ; )


The whole outfit was inspired by these boots! If Santa was a woman..a fashionable woman..who didn’t mind riding the sleigh in heels…she’d own these boots to deliver presents in, buckles and all! ha-ha And of course I LOVE sparkles during the holidays so the shirt is a beautiful loose sparkly sweater with simple accessories.


Sometimes we have to spend the holidays outside, and in the north..that’s a recipe for frostbite sometimes ha-ha. Or maybe you go caroling during Christmas…I love this sweater because its cozy and keeps your neck warm (so you can sing comfortably hehe) . Some furry boots to keep your feet warm because they start feeling numb rather quickly when you’re outside..and a christmas tree-colored pair of pants to keep within the theme of Christmas, Christmas trees, and the holidays. And to top it off, a red handbag..kind of like the red cherry on top! (holiday style !)


A look all focused on the Christmas tree star, everybody’s favorite decoration! The focal point being the necklace resembling the star and the beautiful bow skirt to match. My favorite look of them all : )

Happy Holidays to you all!! HO HO HO ❤


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