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Aspirin Mask: Did you know…it ain’t worth the hype!

Aspirin masks had taken the DIY face mask world by storm, and myself included. The usual recipe went something like this:

  • Handful of crushed aspirins
  • Water/honey to make it into a paste
  • Apply to face, wait 30 mins, wash off (scrubbing face in the process).

Many attributed their newly glowing skin to the salicylic acid in the aspirins which is a form of BHA that chemically exfoliate the skin.

But Did you know…

The active ingredient in aspirin is a drug called acetylsalicylic acid. When you ingest an aspirin tablet, it travels to your small intestine and this ingredient is broken down to create salicylic acid. So when you use crushed aspirin tablets and rub them on your face, you’re actually delivering acetylsalicylic acid to the skin — NOT salicylic acid, the ingredient that is found in BHAs.

So while crushed aspirin might be beneficial to your skin solely because of its rough texture that manually exfoliates the skin, don’t count on its salicylic acid properties to the deliver the chemical exfoliation a BHA treatment does!


2 comments on “Aspirin Mask: Did you know…it ain’t worth the hype!

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