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How I Found the Perfect Skincare For My Oily Skin!

Having oily AND sensitive skin at the same time is most horrible combination. To combat the acne caused by oil you need to use less than sensitive skincare products but … Continue reading

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The new fanny pack??

Remember the old fanny packs from the 90s? Those colorful ones that hung from your belly making you look oh so attractive? 😉 The ones that looked like this: Well … Continue reading

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Evolution of Megan Fox

A collection of the many different looks of Megan Fox throughout 2005 -2012 I thought it’d be fun to see her different makeup/hair looks with each year. One thing I … Continue reading

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I Love Lucy Makeup

Quite pretty makeup right?!? Lucy’s makeup is very classic and simple to do. The focus is on very round highly arched eyebrows, very long full eyelashes, and a very rounded … Continue reading

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5 Holiday Outfits for Any Occasion

LET IT SNOW! Up here in the north east in can get pretty cold, in fact freezing! I wanted to incorporate this thick turtleneck sweater for some much needed warmth. … Continue reading

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Marilyn Monroe Makeup How-To Step By Step Tutorial

I love Marilyn Monroe’s makeup! It looks so simplistic and classy yet so complicated and well thought out!  I wanted to create this tutorial because most of the tutorials I … Continue reading

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Angelina Jolie Golden Globes Eye Makeup Tutorial

The key to this look is a dark blue color on the inner and outer corners of the eye. A bone-white color in the middle of the lid to highlight…helping … Continue reading

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